Zarmik Moqtaderi focuses on photographing dancers, especially under the high-intensity conditions of live performance. She has been part of Boston's flamenco community for many years as both a dance student and a photographer, having been introduced to flamenco by Omayra Amaya. Zarmik has also studied dance with Ramon de los Reyes, La Meira, Sabrina Avilés, and Mariliana Arvelo, and she has photographed the World Music Flamenco Festival since its inception in 1999. She continues to document performances, classes, and rehearsals of the Boston flamenco community and of internationally known visiting artists.

More recently Zarmik has become interested in the workings of the restaurant kitchen, where the focus, perfectionism, and energy of the group are strikingly similar to the characteristics of a dance company on stage. Her friends and neighbors at Ken Oringer's Clio Restaurant have been most gracious in allowing her to document their activities.

Zarmik's photographs have appeared in Dance Magazine, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Flamenco USA, Clarín (Argentina), and Paseo Flamenco (Japan). Her work has been exhibited at the main branch of the Boston Public Library and at Cambridge Trust Bank.

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